I started this website on December 3rd, 2023. More to be explained in the future…


I do not have any social media accounts. Do not trust any accounts claiming to be me. If you want to contact me, you can email me at

fletch [at] regex [dot] fail.

Encryption is EVERYTHING. Encrypted email is the quickest way for me to tell something isn’t spam.


You can download the key in .asc format here.
The key’s fingerprint is 061E 059B F01B B992 827A 71F3 2E00 04B2 11BC 7547.
The key will expire on 12/5/2028.


I use Cloudflare to host this site and provide DDoS protection. Cloudflare may collect information about visitors to this site. See Cloudflare’s privacy policy for more information. I have disabled everything I can in Cloudflare to minimize the amount of data they collect, and the amount of services they provide to this site.


A combination of documents on the world wide web that delve into the world of computer science, security, privacy, programming, personal liberties, and the internet.

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Irwin Fletcher